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KĀHULI LEO LEʻA Utilizing mele to preserve, transmit, and create cultural knowledge can have profound effects on contemporary Hawaiʻi. With mele, values like aloha ʻāina are disseminated at a large scale with ease and popularity. With mele, education moves from a separation of knowledge and knower to an internalization of knowledge, both new and old. With mele, the unification of a people starts with a cathartic and shared emotional experience, not with structural organization. In the more recent reawakening of the lāhui Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian nation), the practice of mele, if utilized effectively within the soundscape of Hawaiʻi, will have lasting influences on education and the promotion of cultural knowledge integral to self-determination. OUR MISSION Kāhuli Leo Leʻa is a 501(c)(3) Hawaiʻi non-profit organization aimed at catalyzing aloha ʻāina through the education, composition, and presentation of mele and other cultural practices. ​ OUR MISSION: We carry out our mission through the following pathways of mele excellence: WAIHONA MELE Preserving mele as repositories of historical knowledge. HAKU MELE Promoting the value of haku mele (mele composition) excellence. HŌʻIKE MELE Supporting venues of mele presentation and dissemination.

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