I Leߵa

By - Keauhou

12 song | 36:49

Released: 2022

Change is upon us. New normals – marriage, parenthood, work, and a pandemic – emerge as our world continues to spin. Through it all, mele remains relevant. Our previous albums narrated our three-part journey in terms of an oceanic voyage: departing from the baby blue of shallow waters through the deep blue of the ocean, and arriving on the rich teal of new shores. Along the way, mele highlighted stories of beloved people, treasured places, unforgettable events, and the integrity that keeps these stories alive. These were small contributions to a collective puana that continues to grow louder and more persistent: mele are much more than entertainment. I Leʻa lends voice to this truth. These mele, old and new, are the latest blossoms added to a lei of stories. Like flowers, these mele are fastened into something greater than the sum of its parts. And while we may enjoy each flower for what they represent and teach us, we cannot forget to enjoy their most quintessential value: fragrance. I Leʻa is a gentle reminder to stop and smell the plumeria. Yes, mele are much more than entertainment. But entertainment – and the joy it brings – remains foundational to our beloved cultural practice. Along with the stories added to our collective lei, allow these mele to host sentiments that bring balance to a world marked with new challenges. I Leʻa is a simple lei for you to wear and enjoy. Why? I leʻa – for the sake of joy, growth, respite, and aloha – our companions for the changes ahead.

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